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Los Pollos Hermanos was a fast-food restaurant chain that specialized in fried chicken, operating across the southwestern United States. The name, pronounced [los ˈpo.ʝos eɾˈma.nos], is ungrammatical Spanish for “The Chicken Brothers.” Founded by Gustavo Fring and Max Arciniega, the restaurant chain had fourteen locations throughout the southwest and was Gustavo Fring’s major business concern. Los Pollos Hermanos was a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive, a German conglomerate with an ownership stake in the company. The restaurant also provided money-laundering and logistics for illegal activities.

Gus owned fourteen Los Pollos restaurants in the American Southwest between Albuquerque and Nevada (“Mandala”, “Bug”). The flagship restaurant has had many visitors from employees of Gus’ other business, namely Walter White, The Cousins, and Mike Ehrmantraut. Hank Schrader has also staked out the restaurant to monitor Fring. When Gus wants to talk to one of his employees, he texts them “Pollos” to have them meet at his restaurant or chicken farm. Employees must answer the phone with the restaurant’s motto: “Los Pollos Hermanos, where something delicious is always cooking.” (“Hermanos”) Los Pollos Hermanos advertised its chicken as “slow-cooked to perfection… one taste, and you’ll know.”

The first Los Pollos Hermanos Location was established in Michoacán (“Sabrosito”), and the brand likely still maintained restaurants in Mexico[1]. Following Max’s death at the hands of the Cartel, Gus became the sole owner of the company. He used this legitimate business to aid his shipment and distribution of drugs, specifically crystal methamphetamine.

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